Answered By: Sarah Purcell
Last Updated: Apr 08, 2021     Views: 6424

To reference a school policy in an assignment or presentation, you need to use an appendix to ensure confidentiality. This is a separate section or slide which contains the specific example or extract of a document you are discussing in your writing.

You should anonymise the document by removing any identifying details such as school names or pupil names. In your writing, you would state (see Appendix 1) or similar instead of referencing the work in the usual way. 

  • It is not necessary to include a whole policy or document, particularly if it is long. Try to include only the extract(s) which are relevant to your discussion.
  • Your Appendix should be given a title e.g. Appendix 1School A: Behaviour management policy
  • The appendix usually appears after the reference list, but ask your tutors if you are unsure.
  • If you are including a policy as an appendix, it does not need to appear in your reference list.
  • Words in the title pages, reference list and appendices are not normally included in the final word count. See the University Assessment Policy, section 5, for further information.
  • If in doubt, check with your tutors about their preferences in presenting these sorts of examples. For example, we are aware that some courses allow a school policy that has been published online to be referenced as a normal website when not being discussed in relation to a student placement. Your tutor will provide clear guidance on whether this is the case for your course.