Answered By: Kathryn Devine
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In an edited book, individual authors each contribute a chapter. The final publication is overseen by the editor(s), and their name(s) will be on the front cover of the book. 

When you cite one of the chapters in an edited book in your text, you must cite the author(s) of that chapter, not the editor of the book. For the entry in your reference list, follow the guidance below, which you will also find in your Harvard guide. Make sure you include the page range of the chapter you are citing.  

Students starting their course in September 2016 or later are advised to use the Cite Them Right (10th edition) Harvard style throughout their work. Students who started before this date may choose to continue using the University of Worcester Harvard (2015) or switch to the newer Harvard style. Make sure that whichever style you choose, you use it consistently throughout your work.

Cite Them Right (10th edition) Harvard

University of Worcester Harvard (2015)

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If you use more than one chapter from the edited book, you will need to include a reference on your reference list for each chapter you have used.