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The 1978 ebook is found here.

It isn't a usual edited book whereby the chapters are written by different people, rather it is Vygotsky's earlier work (not 1978 - he died in 1934!), translated and republished with additional material from those editors. In fact some people have given the question a lot of thought!

In Harvard style, one suggestion for in-text citation might be:

Vygotsky (Cole et al, 1978) states this.....

However Vygotsky (Cole et al, 1978) also claimed that.....


And the full reference could be this, assuming you continue to use et al in your reference list: Cole, M. et al. (eds.) (1978) L.S. Vygotsky: Mind in society: the development of higher psychological processes. London: Harvard University Press. 

If you decide to list all four editors, make sure you apply this decision to list all authors/editors in other references represented by et al in your writing (consistency).

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  1. Why did some not find this satisfactory ??
    by Anne on Dec 12, 2020
  2. Perhaps it is simply that they are required to use a different referencing style, or even a different style of Harvard. Perhaps the examples given don't quite fit their writing style. Either way, the main thing we are concerned about is showing clearly where our ideas, quotes and influential reading comes from, so our reader can trace the source for themselves. These are just some suggested ways it might be done based on the Harvard 'Cite Them Right' style. We're always open to constructive debate ;)
    by Sarah Purcell on Dec 14, 2020