Answered By: Kathryn Devine
Last Updated: Nov 25, 2020     Views: 2112

The best way to reference Halsbury’s in Harvard style is to treat it as an encyclopaedia or reference book, since that’s essentially what it is. We therefore recommend including the following information in your in-text citation:

Title (because there is no author)
Volume #
Paragraph #

So for example if you were referencing the paragraph in volume 47A on The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, your in-text citation would be: (Halsbury’s Laws of England, 2014, 47A, 281) This works in terms of traceability of the reference since the paragraphs are consecutively numbered throughout each volume, regardless of any subheadings and section numbers. 

In your reference list you would put: Halsbury’s Laws of England (2014) London: Lexis Nexis.

The screenshot below shows the paragraph used in our example as it sits in the Halsbury's table of content:

Screenshot of Halsbury's showing volume 47a paragraph 281 in table of contents tree