Answered By: Alison Taylor
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Unless you are referencing an actual printed photo or a painting in a gallery, it's best to think of most images in the same way you think about quotes. For example, if you wanted to use the picture of a tree on this page, label the image and cite the web page author and year:

Figure 1. Tree surrounded by people (Design Council, 2018) 

In the reference list it will be:

Design Council (2018) Does design have a diversity issue? Available at: (Accessed: 29 November 2022).


If the image doesn't have a title, you can just create your own description.


If your image came from an image database, you can use the name of the person who uploaded it e.g.

Figure 2. Giraffe (Abramovitch, 2021)


In the reference list it will be:

Abramovitch, S. (2021) Giraffe. Available at: (Accessed: 29 November 2022).


If you need to cite a stock image, include the following information if available: 

Producer (Year of publication) Title of clip art. Available at: URL (Accessed: date).

For example:

PowerPoint Stock Image (no date) People dancing at a party (Accessed: 5 December 2022).