Answered By: Kathryn Devine
Last Updated: Dec 15, 2022     Views: 28

If you come across a stale request message, try clearing cache and cookies* for the specific site on ChromeEdge or Firefox.

If the message persists, 

  • Ensure that cookies are allowed in the browser,
  • Verify that antivirus is not filtering or blocking the website,
  • Try a different browser,
  • Close all tabs or browser windows that have failed or not logged into the systems.
  • Remember to not use the back button when attempting to log in


When clearing the cache, select cookies and other site data, not just cached images and ensure the time range is ‘all time’.

A “Stale request” occurs when your session has timed out and you use the back button, or you have stale cookies stored in your browser.

Security software installed on a personal device can also break services, as they modify certificates, data and block connection between the client and the service.

If you're still unable to access a resource due to a stale request error, please contact the IT service desk.  


*To retain your Zbib history when clearing cookies and cache, create a version of your list to link to another browser. Select the 'create' button under 'link to this version' at the bottom of your list. The lists will be saved for 6 months.