Answered By: Natasha Skeen
Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018     Views: 55

Depending on the true nature of your question the answer may be any one of the following points:

  • Once you have reserved a book online you MUST wait for an email from us.  This allows time for the book to be returned by the previous borrower and for library staff to put it on the reservations shelf.  Please note we only contact you via your university email address
  • Once your book is on the reservation shelf we will keep it there for 7 days if it's a University High Demand book and 14 days if it's a three week loan.
  • If a book is on loan to someone else, we can't give you an exact date of when it will be put on the reservation shelf as the previous borrower might return it before or after the due date.
  • If your book is not on loan to someone else i.e. it's on the shelves, we have to go through our daily reservations list collecting and processing the reservation requests.  Therefore you will NOT be able to pick up a reservation on the same day that you placed the request.  If you're in the building or planning on coming to The Hive the same day it will be quicker to get it from where it's shelved.